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Asking For Help

As a professional salesperson, there are several activities required for success that I simply don’t like. Most of these hated activities I can blow off or find my way around. However, there is one big exception….asking for help. Why do I need to ask for someone’s...

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The Perfect Day

Like most accomplishment-driven people, I struggle to get everything done in a day. Most evenings I redo my task list getting ready for the next day, experience the pang of guilt about not completing the list, eat a cupcake in an attempt to make the guilt go away,...

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The Oh-No Effect

Chad is a real estate salesperson who is at an odd place in his career. He’s done well enough that people see him as successful, but from his perspective, he is struggling. He worries every month about the bills, plus he lets down his family and isn’t sure if this job...

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A Load Of Hoowie

My husband, Tom, and I were recently out to dinner with a group of friends. As we were waiting for the bill to be delivered, I slipped off to the restroom. Returning to my chair, the waiter leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Nice legs.” My reaction was extreme...

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Sucking Is Part Of The Process

Have you ever starting learning something new and then abandoned it? Probably. The question is, “Why do we do that and how do we stop?” Last week I was working with a company on their listing presentation. I had just finished demonstrating the process start to finish...

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My Favorite 4-Letter Word In Real Estate

What’s my favorite 4-letter word in real estate? Yes, I know you are thinking sold, but that’s not it. In my quest to help real estate agents be successful, I went back to school to study organizational psychology. Part of the graduate school requirements is to...

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