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Elevate your event with a captivating keynote speech or interactive workshop from Jo Mangum.

Jo Mangum

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With over 25 years of experience, Jo Mangum is the driving force behind the success of millions of real estate professionals.

Her powerful messages inspire, motivate, and educate audiences on a variety of topics, including leadership, innovation, personal development, and more. Perfect for conferences, corporate events, and seminars, Jo’s speaking engagements are tailored to meet the unique needs of your audience.

Speaking Topics For Agents​

Pushy – How Can I Be a Top Salesperson and Still Keep My Friends?

Based on the award-winning book of the same title, this course teaches the agent how to develop the skillset and the mindset of cultivating referrals. This is so important because working with your sphere of influence is 8 times more profitable than any other form of prospecting. This class takes you through the mindsets and skillsets of agents that rock referrals. ​

The 12 Thought Processes of Successful Listing Agents

Did you know that strong listing agents just think differently? In conjunction with my thesis, “Personality Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents”, interviews were conducted with 60 great listing agents and 60 agents who were not successful with listings. The result was a list of thought processes that were prevalent with successful listing agents. The good news? These thoughts can be taught!

The 13 Listing Presentation Mistakes That Keep Agents Tired and Poor

It happens every day. An agent goes to a listing presentation, makes a mistake(s), feels defeated, stops trying, and steps onto the hamster wheel called Buyers. After observing and critiquing over 200 list presentations, the biggest mistakes were isolated and examined. This course shows you exactly what not to do in a listing presentation (and what to do instead).

The Success Model for Business Planning

This is what we know for sure: agents that have a written plan meet their goals. Simple. And yet hard. Many people are intimidated by business planning. After all, what happens if I fail? This course uses the success model to guide you through an easy yet powerful process of not only planning but also removing all of your barriers before you hit them!​

Each topic can be expanded on contracted based on your needs and timeframe.

Speaking Topics For Leaders​

The Leadership Academy

Great leadership in the real estate business is critical to the development of agents, which creates a thriving brokerage. Unfortunately, success as a real estate agent does not always transfer to success as a leader of agents.​

In this 2-day workshop, we have an in-depth discussion of the characteristics of a great leader, provide the fundamentals of building a strategy for the business, and instill the coaching skills needed to help agents succeed.​

Coaching Agents Up

Recent studies have found that one leadership style creates a robust environment where people excel. Drum roll please…it’s the coaching leadership style. ​

You know the growth of agents is important. Growth drives retention and recruiting but you may be thinking, “I’ve tried it; there’s not enough time!” That’s because you weren’t taught the hacks for coaching agents. In Coaching Agents Up, we give you 3 core coaching skills for your daily interactions with agents. ​

Each topic can be expanded on contracted based on your needs and timeframe.