My Favorite 4-Letter Word In Real Estate

What’s my favorite 4-letter word in real estate?

Yes, I know you are thinking sold, but that’s not it.

In my quest to help real estate agents be successful, I went back to school to study organizational psychology. Part of the graduate school requirements is to complete a thesis. Mine was titled, “The Personality Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents”

Part of my research was interviewing 60 successful agents and 60 not-as-successful agents with the hope of identifying common traits of each group, respectively.

One of my interview questions involved how quickly an agent rebounded from a negative situation. The example I gave was being fired from a listing.

The less successful agents described the deep emotional impact that event had and how the effects lasted for a fairly long period of time.

The more successful agents described having the same emotional impact but for a much shorter period; hours vs. days. As one agent described it, “If I allow myself to wallow in this event, I will lose opportunities to help others and to make money for my family. I have a short pity party, I identify the lesson I learned and then say to myself let’s go to the next thing”.

That was the common theme for the successful agents…and that’s why ”next” is my favorite four-letter word. It indicates a finish and a new start.

So when you have another emotionally difficult event in your business (and you will because that’s part of the business), give yourself a moment to grieve and then say, “Next.”